OFFICE:  (440) 835-3277
NEW HOMES:  (440) 822-6820
REMODELING:  (440) 835-3277

27899 Clemens Road
Westlake, OH 44145

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OFFICE: (440) 835-3277
NEW HOMES: (440) 822-6820
REMODELING: (440) 835-3277

What We Do

We are a full service Design/Build contractor. That means that you don't have to do anything if you don't want to... we'll handle the entire process for you, including:
  • Ideas & Designs...we provide our extensive experience from designing and building similar remodeling projects
  • Drawings... when necessary, we’ll provide CAD drawings so you’ll see what the remodeling will look like before it’s built
  • Contract & Scope of Work... we’ll provide a fixed price contract with detailed Scope of Work listing all included labor, products and materials, and our construction time line
  • Building Permits...if required, we’ll handle all required building permit applications, fees, inspections and approvals
  • Construction...we’ll order, deliver and pay for all project materials and supply all professional labor required to deliver a top quality job
  • Project Management... we’ll professionally manage all daily activities of your remodeling project from day 1 through completion, including keeping your home neat and clean
  • Communications...we’re noted for our exceptional communications, keeping you informed throughout the job of what’s happened and what’s happening next
  • Warranties... we provide you written warranties work from our local home remodeling association warranty program for all our work

Click here for a list of remodeling projects, interior and exterior, we handle for our clients:

Unlike some unprofessional contractors, Bennett Builders & Remodelers does NOT...
  • Intentionally leave things off our estimate or offer unrealistic allowances with plans to charge more once the job is under way
  • Miscalculate the amount of time needed to complete the job correctly
  • Use a grade of materials inappropriate for your project
  • Use inexpensive and unskilled labor to keep our costs low
  • Fail to carry proper insurance for general liability or workers compensation claims
  • Pay workers cash "under the table" to avoid payroll and income taxes and insurance
  • Fail to follow EPA required laws and regulations for lead paint disclosures and relief
  • Fail to provide proper dust control, floor protection & debris removal to protect your home
Never use price as the main determining factor when selecting a contractor. If prices are significantly different, ask yourself "What’s missing?" and "Will that contractor provide the high level of service and craftsmanship we expect?"  It's unwise to pay too much, but it’s worse to pay too little. The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot - it can't be done!

When you get a bad or uneasy feeling about a contractor, trust your gut. Don't take chances on your most important and expensive investment - your own home!